Welcome to Our New Clinic

Welcome to Our New Clinic​

The Therapeutic Collective is the newest edition to the Downtown Maple Ridge District

Massage Therapy

Our registered massage therapists have over 35 years combined experience dealing with a wide variety of injuries and conditions. We use various modalities such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and various other techniques to aid with your rehabilitation program. We also do relaxation and pre and post natal massage treatments with appropriate table and pillow positioning.


Physiotherapists promote, maintain, or restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.


Pre/Post Natal Massage

Pre natal massage has long been used as a therapeutic way to promote relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction. Postnatal massage has all of these same benefits, along with helping any new mom experience a quicker recovery and overall better health after giving birth.

Pain Management

Andrew has been able to alleviate my chronic pain to a manageable level that I can function with my daily activities.

Rose J

Outside the Box

In working with Andrew, he often thinks outside the box with a combination of different approaches to help with my pain.

Jagdeep B

A Perfect Fit

Andrew has helped me with my low back pain and his style of treatment fits exactly what I need.

Danielle D
Burnaby, BC

Recovery Mode

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s training. I was fortunate to have Karl help me maintain my body at top condition so I can train and compete harder, day in and day out. He is by far the best out there.


National Team Athlete

Back in Action

Karl was an important therapist in my pre and post hip surgery. He worked on hip mobility by ensuring my muscles were as relaxed as possible. Post op, he also worked on my incision site to prevent scar adhesions from forming. His knowledge, care and attention have given me superb functioning of my hip!

Therese B

35 Combined Years of Experience


Andrew Nemeth CRT, RMT

Being a competitive athlete, Andrew understands the fundamentals of sports injuries and all facets of the rehabilitation process.

Andrew has been practicing Massage Therapy for more than 24 years. After touring with professional football (soccer) teams in Africa and Europe, he now specializes in working with senior citizens. He has been treating clients in a variety of therapeutic settings, from owning and operating busy practices in the Lower Mainland, touring with professional football (soccer) teams in Africa and Europe, and has most recently specialized in working with our senior citizens.

Work Experience

In the past 15 years his focus has been in the field of Geriatrics, with specializing on maintaining mobility and pain management with our aging population. Andrew has presented at symposiums across the lower mainland discussing issues regarding the health of our seniors going forward and how Massage Therapy play a role in healthy living. He continues to be the lead in the advanced peer group research of Massage Therapy treatment for seniors in his profession.

Andrew always brings a level of passion, learning, and curiosity that serves his patients and colleagues extremely well. His approach to treatment or philosophy is examining each patient globally. He always examines the whole person in an attempt to better understand and determine the root causes of any ailment or conditions presented. Stress on our bodies often has a musculoskeletal component that affects the soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, fibrous tissues, and synovial membranes).

The soft tissue neuro-muscular response component can often result in, and is not limited to, the soft tissue structures retracting, and becoming immobile, etc. These soft tissue patterns often lead to muscular shortening and thickening resulting in discomfort and pain for the patient. Most times these patterns are longer term and chronic in nature. Releasing the soft tissue and fascia decreases and eliminates pain and discomfort; it also can help in lengthening and restoring one’s correct movement.

A healthy lifestyle is something that is important to Andrew. He often shares the benefits of a well- balanced lifestyle including staying active, incorporating healthy nutrition, good quality sleep, emotional wellness and some form of spirituality. In his spare time, on a regular basis, he partakes in running, weight lifting, Tough Mudders and any other activities that keep him moving. Andrew looks forward to the opportunity of working with you and will do his very best to help you return to optimum condition and, “get you moving.”

Educational Background

Andrew Graduated from CCMH Registered Massage Therapy Program in 1996, and Completed the SFU Rehabilitation Program in 2004. He is the Peer lead in Gerontology through the RMTBC and was a speaker on the future of care in Geriatrics at the symposium on Aging in 2016. He continues to educational inservices at Long Term Care Facilities throughout the lower mainland, discussing functional mobility with residents and injury and fall prevention. He is presently continuing his university studies through the SFU online program. As a life long learner Andrew prides himself on exhausting all resources available to help his patients to regain function and prevent injuries.


Karl Dahan RMT

From sports massage to helping the elderly manage their pain, Karl helps people maintain their mobility and independence.

Karl believes that communication and trust are essential in a therapeutic environment. His success and patient loyalty are due to his ability to listen, assess, have a clear discussion with his patients and provide appropriate therapy. He loves to work deep, but his experience with the elderly has allowed him to develop the ability to adjust his pressure to the comfort level of any demographic. 

Karl works hand in hand with other therapists to give you the best possible care, and is a strong believer in the positive effects of patient education. He feels that every patient should have a clear understanding of why they are feeling what they’re feeling, and what needs to happen in order to see improvements. He welcomes pre and post natal massage, relaxation focused treatments, as well as difficult cases as he loves to think outside the box. He doesn’t just massage, he treats!

Educational Background

Karl graduated from the 3000hr program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2009. During his studies, he fell in love with the anatomy and mechanics of the human body. In his previous sales and marketing career, he developed excellent communication skills which have greatly helped his patients understand their conditions. His passion for providing effective therapy and relief to his patients continues to grow, as does his knowledge and understanding of the human body.

Areas of Practice

For over 10 years, Karl has worked in various sports and physiotherapy clinics from the Tri-Cities to North Vancouver. He has a continued interest in sports massage, providing deep tissue treatments as well as myofascial release, joint mobilization, Trigger Point Release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and many more modalities. He has also spent years helping the elderly manage their pain and maintain their mobility and independence. He has shown great results treating ICBC patients, athletes and weekend warriors suffering from whiplash-associated disorders, frozen shoulders, herniated discs and an array of orthopedic conditions. He has worked with Ballet BC, at National Sports events and with several Team Canada athletes competing in Track and Field, Kendo and Bobsledding.

Personal History

Karl is fluent in French and English as he is originally from Montreal, but in 1999 curiosity took him to the west coast where he began his therapeutic career. Here he met amazing friends, his incredible wife and started a family. His leisure time is spent playing with his son (who is the love of his life), but when he’s able to take some time for himself, he enjoys doing home renovations and auto mechanics, playing volleyball, hiking the Coquitlam Crunch or rowing. Being married to a nutritionist and having an active little boy has allowed him to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle, and where better to do that than in beautiful British Columbia.


Extended Health Coverage

Our clinic offers direct billing for extended health coverage on most plans. Some of the plans fully cover the treatment and some companies only cover a certain percentage of the cost. We do require a credit card payment method on file and will only charge you for out-of-pocket expenses your provider does not cover.

We also take ICBC motor vehicle accident patients, and if approved by your adjustor, there is no additional cost to the patient for the approved treatment.

For all other treatments we can process payment through your credit/debit card.

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